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Jeff has been a professional  touring musician for the past 25 years.  He currently service as Director of Music at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Middleton, WI. He has released 8 solo albums and 1 joint album with Ed Boswell.


Jeff Rohlwing is a poet-journalist. His music expresses joy, puzzlement, heartbreak, and always hope. 


Jeff’s music has a kind of acoustic simplicity, purity and beauty. His craftsmanship has been honed on the road where he has performed with just his voice and his acoustic guitar. There's nothing to hide behind in that kind of performance—but it has made him really good.

Jeff is also a member of The Jed's,  the Ron Denson Band, The Ted Reinke Trio, and director of Music at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Middleton, WI.  

Jeff is a gifted poet and musician, an artist and a faithful disciple of Jesus. There is something pure and unpretentious in Jeff's music. His songs are like prayers, full of honest confession and unashamed devotion to his God.


     Jeff is an accomplished guitarist with a voice as smooth as honey. His music has a simple vulnerability to it: he sings while accompanying himself on the guitar or piano. There is no orchestra, no choir. Just a musical prayer, an honest reflection on faith and a life spent walking with God. When one listens to Jeff's music, they find themselves kneeling before God; God’s hand is on their shoulder, his voice whispering assurances of love and mercy.


     What sets Jeff Rohlwing's music apart from so many Christian artists is his heart. There is nothing false here. What you hear comes straight from his daily struggle to live out an authentic faith and to live humbly before his God. While we live here on earth, we are in a sense walled off from the eternal. Yet, God has placed among us men and women with unusual insight—artists, poets, musicians—who have the ability to lift our hearts out of the dust of the earth in worship before the eternal God. Jeff Rohlwing is one of those—when he sings, our hearts sing with him., Charlie Lehardy

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